Ideas for open kitchen layout

In the past, the kitchen was a private place for a host to make food as the guests waited in the living room. As time went by the kitchen started to slowly transform into a place guests and family members would gather and socialize while sharing a meal or drink. Interior designers soon began to incorporate open kitchen designs to meet the needs of those who prefer a social set up for preparing kitchen design
According to Maid Complete Phoenix, a dinner party with an open kitchen layout where the host can prepare and taste food while socializing with the guests is indeed quite warm. If you examine most of the open kitchen designs you will notice how well they link to rooms and remain social even if the guests are not exactly within the kitchen space.
• Kitchen Islands
A kitchen island blends perfectly with an open kitchen design layout and has been used in kitchens for the past two decades. It borrows from the concept of a bar where you can place chairs or stools around for guests to sit as the hosts fixes them a meal while they socialize. The guests can also help around in food preparation and tasting improving the whole experience.
Some open kitchen design layouts incorporate more than one Kitchen Island. It provides all the guests the opportunity to gather in the kitchen area while still having a view of the guest room from the kitchen.
• Linking the kitchen to the Dining area
There used to be a barrier between the dining area and the kitchen in the old house designs. Carrying a tray of food through a revolving door could sometimes lead to accidents. Instead, of a separate dining area, the open kitchen layout brings down the barrier between the kitchen and dining. This design has gained popularity among homeowners for the last few decades. The dining area kitchen and tables should be easy to move to create more space for guests to congregate around the kitchen.
Large Additional Windows
To make the open kitchen layout feel even more open and inviting install additional windows. It allows more natural light into the kitchen highlighting kitchen details such as luxury cabinets making them stand out. Natural light also helps to reduce electricity costs during the day. The result is fresh and dynamic kitchen space that is perfect open kitchen layout bar stoolsfor socializing.
• Put everything on a single wall
To make the open kitchen layout connect well with the other rooms, you can put all the kitchen appliances and cabinetry on a single side of the wall to not only extend the kitchen space but also connect with the living room and dining area. With this design, it is best to maintain the cabinetry design for the rest of the open rooms.
The open kitchen design requires a professional interior designer who understands how to connect the kitchen to the other rooms.