Bathtub or Shower? The Homeowner’s Dilemma

According to the bathroom trends of the previous year 2015, it appears bathtubs are rapidly being replaced by larger, classic walk in showers which are more spacious, functional and affordable. Fewer people want to take baths lately.
This trend will continue all through 2016 however what many people fail to realize is the fact that doing away with the bathtub completely and installing a full shower could bring down your home’s resale value. Even though remodeling or updating the bathroom is for your own individual pleasure, you would not want to lower the value of your home.
Now that leaves homeowners with a big dilemma. Should you install a Bathtub or shower? We have outline a few tips to help you decide.
1. Comfort
Your comfort is the most important factor more than anything else. There are other critical elements to consider prior to a remodel such as adding home value however should you prefer the shower over the tub then ditch the tub and go for what you desire. Nonetheless, if you intend to sell your home in future then you must be aware that eliminating the tub from the main bathroom will hurt the value of the home much more than the eliminating the tub from the additional bathrooms and could put off potential buyers. Tubs are mostly loved by family bathtubfamilies particularly the ones with young children and they will not buy a house without one.
2. Extra Washrooms
Should all the additional bathrooms in your home have a tub then there is no harm in getting rid of the one in your master en suite. This could actually help you create a more spacious bathroom for the master bedroom that most probably is limited in space. While there are smaller tubs that save on space such as the Japanese soaker tub, if you do not fancy soaking in a tub then you could make better use of the space created by ditching the tub.
3. Space
Showers utilize space efficiently and modern designs with transparent enclosures help create the illusion of a larger space for smaller bathrooms. According to this Charlotte NC cleaning company walk-in showers are convenient especially for the elderly and physically disabled who may find it impossible to climb into a tub. However for families, it is much more convenient and fun to bath children or pets in a tub.
Freestanding tubs are stylish and can also act as the focal point in the bathroom. On the other hand built in tubs are economical with space and blend easily with wall-mounted showerheads.walk-in-shower
4. Eco-friendliness
The shower appears to be a more eco-friendly solution than the tub. A ten-minute shower uses about 5 gallons less than the water used for a normal bath. When you install low-flow showers you can save even more water making showers the best alternative for protecting the environment.
Now that you have distinguished the benefits and drawbacks of the shower or the tub you should be comfortable in making an informed decision over which is the best option for your and your family.