According to the bathroom trends of the previous year 2015, it appears bathtubs are rapidly being replaced by larger, classic walk in showers which are more spacious, functional and affordable. Fewer people want to take baths lately.
This trend will continue all through 2016 however what many people fail to realize is the fact that doing away with the bathtub completely and installing a full shower could bring down your home’s resale value. Even though remodeling or updating the bathroom is for your own individual pleasure, you would not want to lower the value of your home.
Now that leaves homeowners with a big dilemma. Should you install a Bathtub or shower? We have outline a few tips to help you decide.
1. Comfort
Your comfort is the most important factor more than anything else. There are other critical elements to consider prior to a remodel such as adding home value however should you prefer the shower over the tub then ditch the tub and go for what you desire. Nonetheless, if you intend to sell your home in future then you must be aware that eliminating the tub from the main bathroom will hurt the value of the home much more than the eliminating the tub from the additional bathrooms and could put off potential buyers. Tubs are mostly loved by family bathtubfamilies particularly the ones with young children and they will not buy a house without one.
2. Extra Washrooms
Should all the additional bathrooms in your home have a tub then there is no harm in getting rid of the one in your master en suite. This could actually help you create a more spacious bathroom for the master bedroom that most probably is limited in space. While there are smaller tubs that save on space such as the Japanese soaker tub, if you do not fancy soaking in a tub then you could make better use of the space created by ditching the tub.
3. Space
Showers utilize space efficiently and modern designs with transparent enclosures help create the illusion of a larger space for smaller bathrooms. According to this Charlotte NC cleaning company walk-in showers are convenient especially for the elderly and physically disabled who may find it impossible to climb into a tub. However for families, it is much more convenient and fun to bath children or pets in a tub.
Freestanding tubs are stylish and can also act as the focal point in the bathroom. On the other hand built in tubs are economical with space and blend easily with wall-mounted showerheads.walk-in-shower
4. Eco-friendliness
The shower appears to be a more eco-friendly solution than the tub. A ten-minute shower uses about 5 gallons less than the water used for a normal bath. When you install low-flow showers you can save even more water making showers the best alternative for protecting the environment.
Now that you have distinguished the benefits and drawbacks of the shower or the tub you should be comfortable in making an informed decision over which is the best option for your and your family.

In the past, the kitchen was a private place for a host to make food as the guests waited in the living room. As time went by the kitchen started to slowly transform into a place guests and family members would gather and socialize while sharing a meal or drink. Interior designers soon began to incorporate open kitchen designs to meet the needs of those who prefer a social set up for preparing kitchen design
According to Maid Complete Phoenix, a dinner party with an open kitchen layout where the host can prepare and taste food while socializing with the guests is indeed quite warm. If you examine most of the open kitchen designs you will notice how well they link to rooms and remain social even if the guests are not exactly within the kitchen space.
• Kitchen Islands
A kitchen island blends perfectly with an open kitchen design layout and has been used in kitchens for the past two decades. It borrows from the concept of a bar where you can place chairs or stools around for guests to sit as the hosts fixes them a meal while they socialize. The guests can also help around in food preparation and tasting improving the whole experience.
Some open kitchen design layouts incorporate more than one Kitchen Island. It provides all the guests the opportunity to gather in the kitchen area while still having a view of the guest room from the kitchen.
• Linking the kitchen to the Dining area
There used to be a barrier between the dining area and the kitchen in the old house designs. Carrying a tray of food through a revolving door could sometimes lead to accidents. Instead, of a separate dining area, the open kitchen layout brings down the barrier between the kitchen and dining. This design has gained popularity among homeowners for the last few decades. The dining area kitchen and tables should be easy to move to create more space for guests to congregate around the kitchen.
Large Additional Windows
To make the open kitchen layout feel even more open and inviting install additional windows. It allows more natural light into the kitchen highlighting kitchen details such as luxury cabinets making them stand out. Natural light also helps to reduce electricity costs during the day. The result is fresh and dynamic kitchen space that is perfect open kitchen layout bar stoolsfor socializing.
• Put everything on a single wall
To make the open kitchen layout connect well with the other rooms, you can put all the kitchen appliances and cabinetry on a single side of the wall to not only extend the kitchen space but also connect with the living room and dining area. With this design, it is best to maintain the cabinetry design for the rest of the open rooms.
The open kitchen design requires a professional interior designer who understands how to connect the kitchen to the other rooms.

The exterior appearance of your home should be kept fresh and appealing at all times. It is important to keep it this way, especially in cases where you would consider re-selling the house. There are specific exterior paint colors that ensure this is easily achieved, and your home curb is made appealing.

They include:

1. Light and dark blue

Blue is a primary color that stirs up pleasant emotions and illuminates a feeling of calmness. However, if you decide to use blue color for exterior painting, it is advisable to choose either light blue or dark blue, and then you can add in elements of white and green that help it look crisp and appealing to the senses. Gray shades of blue can also do the job perfectly and help you create a mind-relaxing and peaceful environment.

2. Green and brown

These two are colors found in nature and thus great for exterior painting because they blend in easily with the surrounding environment. When using this shade of green and brown, it is considerable to make it darker. You can also tone it a little by adding more colors like gray. You can also consider adding more of red to liven up your home. Be sure to use darker colors and avoid using pure green and red colors. Toned down colors give a cool homely feeling that is pleasing to the senses.

3. White and black

This shade of black and white is usually commonly used, especially because it brings out a perfection of details in the home and helps to achieve a traditional and classic exterior. Put more emphasis on the white and add in black accents. You can also bring in elements of wood that add more charm to the black and white scheme. These three color shades are perfect to ensure that you achieve the best feeling and create an appealing atmosphere around your home.

Timber framing is what sets apart lovers of beautiful home designs. It’s a method of construction where large timber beams are used to create the skeleton of the home, its frame. Timber as a construction material offers a lot of advantages and is structurally superior than other construction materials.

The following are the Benefits of using Timer framing to build your house:

The average time it takes to erect a timber frame for a one storey house is 3-4 days. Then it will take a month to complete the rest of the house. For achieve equal space requirements on mason built houses it may take up to eight months.

Timber is very sturdy and puts up structures that are strong and durable.

As a poor insulator of heat, timber guarantees that you will have a warmer home. You can go a step further and add Structural insulated panels (SIP) around the house to ensure heat is never lost. SIPs are better than fiber glass insulators.

The expenses used in timber framing construction as compared to stone houses are almost less by a third. This is because timber is cheaper, it takes a small number of days to complete construction and you do not need a lot of labor.

The timber frames are usually pre-factory made and the only activity taking place on site is assembly. Apart from reducing site activity, factory made timber frames are high quality in terms of symmetry and fit.

Timber framing eliminates the need for walls. This enables you to change the floor plan of the house without having to demolish anything. The room partitions can simply be taken down and put elsewhere. Changes to the looks of your house means you are never bored by the same old plan. It also allows you to change the position of such components as doors and windows easily to correct any architectural mistakes.

The cheap and fast to build nature of timber framing easily allows for their mass production. This in turn can help give more people to cheaper housing.

With the constant application of preservatives, timber frame houses can retain the fresh new look for longer than concrete houses.

Construction of timber cannot be put off because of adverse weather conditions like rain. This ensures that building follows time schedule constraints.

Timber is environmentally friendly. The amount of carbon emission used to bring wood to its final stage is less than for other building materials like cement and steel.

Timber is easier to recycle.

a With such technologies such as the computer controlled wood carving machines, there is no limit to how beautiful you can decorate your home.