Advantages of Timber Framing

Timber framing is what sets apart lovers of beautiful home designs. It’s a method of construction where large timber beams are used to create the skeleton of the home, its frame. Timber as a construction material offers a lot of advantages and is structurally superior than other construction materials.

The following are the Benefits of using Timer framing to build your house:

The average time it takes to erect a timber frame for a one storey house is 3-4 days. Then it will take a month to complete the rest of the house. For achieve equal space requirements on mason built houses it may take up to eight months.

Timber is very sturdy and puts up structures that are strong and durable.

As a poor insulator of heat, timber guarantees that you will have a warmer home. You can go a step further and add Structural insulated panels (SIP) around the house to ensure heat is never lost. SIPs are better than fiber glass insulators.

The expenses used in timber framing construction as compared to stone houses are almost less by a third. This is because timber is cheaper, it takes a small number of days to complete construction and you do not need a lot of labor.

The timber frames are usually pre-factory made and the only activity taking place on site is assembly. Apart from reducing site activity, factory made timber frames are high quality in terms of symmetry and fit.

Timber framing eliminates the need for walls. This enables you to change the floor plan of the house without having to demolish anything. The room partitions can simply be taken down and put elsewhere. Changes to the looks of your house means you are never bored by the same old plan. It also allows you to change the position of such components as doors and windows easily to correct any architectural mistakes.

The cheap and fast to build nature of timber framing easily allows for their mass production. This in turn can help give more people to cheaper housing.

With the constant application of preservatives, timber frame houses can retain the fresh new look for longer than concrete houses.

Construction of timber cannot be put off because of adverse weather conditions like rain. This ensures that building follows time schedule constraints.

Timber is environmentally friendly. The amount of carbon emission used to bring wood to its final stage is less than for other building materials like cement and steel.

Timber is easier to recycle.

a With such technologies such as the computer controlled wood carving machines, there is no limit to how beautiful you can decorate your home.